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CNG LNG Dispenser
starter kit

CNG LNG Dispenser for CNG LNG
filling Station

At Energy Developments & Solutions, we offer complete solutions for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) filling stations by providing you with a CNG filling station starter kit.

Find out more about our "Starter Kit" for CNG filling stations. With our partner REGO, we have selected for you a set of REGO spare parts for the start-up of your CNG dispenser stations.


CNG LNG Dispenser Starter Kit

LNG CNG dispenser starter kit for LNG CNG dispensing station.

Easily find all the parts needed for your starter kit for REGO LNG CNG dispenser, for LNG CNG distribution stations.

  1. Filling line for LNG dispenser

  2. Spare parts for CryoMac3

  3. Gas return line

  4. Spare parts for the Female Quick Disconnect Vent

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Benefit from our refurbishment offers

You have the possibility to send back the spare parts of your CNG dispensers, especially the hoses and the CryoMac3 guns, so that we can give you a reconditioning quote.

For more information, contact us now!

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1. Filling line for LNG dispenser

piee detache pistolet

2. CryoMac3 gun spare parts

3. Gas return line for LNG dispenser

conduite gaz

4. Spare Parts for the Female Quick Disconnect Vent

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