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alternative solutions to natural gas for professionals and industries

We offer professionals several types of industrial solutions as sustainable alternatives to natural gas


Find out about our alternatives to natural gas for industrial and professional customers

At Energy Developments & Solutions, we offer 2 new solutions as a credible and efficient alternative to natural gas for industrial uses.

These industrial equipments are presented as an alternative to natural gas as a main replacement or as a backup solution!

Natural gas alternatives for professionals and industries

Nowadays, it is complicated for professionals and industrialists to be efficiently supplied with natural gas. Especially since it is difficult to have a clear vision of the evolution of the situation in the medium and short term.  That's why, at Energy Devlopments & Solutions, we offer you alternative solutions through two distinct industrial equipments:

The propane air mix unit, a solution that uses Synthetic Natural Gas, a synthetic gas that is formed from a mixture of air and vaporized propane. This alternative to natural gas can be used as a substitute for natural gas, especially in combustion applications.

The regasification unit is an industrial equipment that heats the liquefied natural gas to a gaseous state and then injects it into the network.


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