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an alternative to natural gas for professional and industrial users

The regasification unit, a specific equipment that offers a solid alternative to natural gas

At the moment, natural gas supply for professionals and industries is very difficult. It is very difficult to have a good visibility on the evolution of this situation in the short and medium term.

Before 2022, natural gas had many advantages, but now the trend has reversed and natural gas has more negative points: high and unstable prices and an available quantity that is decreasing day by day. It is therefore expected that there will be a risk of supply disruption and associated operating losses.

At Energy Developments & Solutions, we offer you the regasification unit, a technical equipment that offers an alternative process to the use of natural gas!

The regasification unit is a specific solution whose process makes it possible to heat the liquefied natural gas in order to return it to a gaseous state and thus inject it into the network. Thanks to the regasification unit, an alternative solution to natural gas, you will be assured to continue your industrial activity without any risk of production stoppage.


Regasification unit,
an alternative to natural gas

The regasification unit is a specific equipment that allows to heat the liquefied natural gas to bring it back to a gaseous state and then inject it into the network.

Energy Developments & Solutions is committed to working with you to bring the regasification unit, one of the alternatives to natural gas.

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Regasification unit
and its main components

Together we will define your expectations regarding the use of the regasification unit in order to adapt the solution to your needs. If it is necessary to obtain authorizations from certain organizations, we will take care of it for you!
We will also accompany you in each step of civil engineering and we will provide key training to your teams so that they can quickly master your new alternative solution to natural gas!

Vaporizers atmospheric

The Star-Fin aluminum type vaporizers are heated by ambient air and are designed for continuous operation. Immediately after start-up, the gas temperature approaches room temperature.

Control and switching unit

The control unit is built on a steel frame. Piping, valves and instruments are included in this frame (all types of piping and materials are supported).

Automatic change of the evaporation system

The TE-02 temperature sensor, combined with the temperature controller programmed in the PLC, continuously monitors the vaporizer gas outlet temperature in order to immediately switch to the valves.

Regulator pressure

In order to guarantee a constant gas pressure in the outlet line, mechanically operated automatic pressure regulators are installed downstream of the heater. A spring-loaded shut-off valve is integrated in the pressure regulators.

Low temperature temperature

To prevent downstream carbon steel piping and appliances from being exposed to low temperature gas, a low temperature shut-off valve is installed. The valve is actuated by the PLC and triggered by a low gas temperature notification.

Odorization fittings

Odorization fittings ΔP are placed in the central gas outlet.


To ensure trouble-free operation, the system is capable of detecting several alarm situations. All alarms are visible on the PLC touch screen.

Control system

The entire system is controlled by a PLC mounted in an electrical cabinet located in a secure area.

Electric heating

Cylindrical stainless steel tank with inlet and outlet flange, the electrically heated element is mounted inside the tank and is in direct contact with the natural gas.

Overheating protection sensors

To protect the elements from overheating, a manually reset capillary thermostat is attached to the heating element surfaces in the hottest part of the element. In the event of overheating, the thermostat cuts off the power supply to the heating bundle.



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