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Pumps for LPG, petroleum products, LNG and cryogenic applications


FAS Pumps - NZ Series

Side channel / Centrifugal pumps

Applications:  Filling stations, bottle filling stations, terminals (storage yards), tankers. 

Pumps for filling stations

from 20 to 200 l / min

Pumps for filling bottles

from 300 to 1000 l / min

Pumps for terminals

from 300 to 2500 l / min

Tanker pumps

400, 800 & 1000 l / min


Blackmer Vane Pumps

LPG pumps (liquefied petroleum gas)

Vane pumps for gas stations, natural gas terminals, tankers.

LGRL 1.25 "

LGL 1.25

LGL 1.50

LGLD 2 "- 4"

TLGLF 3 "- 4"

Pumps for mineral oil and industrial applications

Applications: CO2

For applications with liquids containing abrasive particles in suspension

For high viscosity and high temperature applications

Applications: refineries, terminals, process technology

For high viscosity applications

Stainless steel pumps for corrosive low and medium viscosity applications

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