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Blackmer HXL Series Vane Pumps

For high viscosity applications

Constructed of ductile iron that withstands thermal shock and sudden stress, the HXL series vane pumps are designed for high volume transfer of non-corrosive liquids ranging in viscosity from thin solvents to heavy oils and molasses.

All HXL series models are equipped with replaceable body liners and end discs that allow the pump to be easily rebuilt, without removing it from the piping. Models are available with 6, 8, and 10 inch ANSI flanged ports and maximum ratings of 755, 1200, and 2220 gpm (171, 273, 504 m3 / h) respectively.

Standard elastomers include FKM O-rings. Pedestal mounted units with commercial gear reducers are available for all HXL series models. Optional bolt-on relief valves, designed to protect the pump from excessive pressure, are available for all sizes. The HXL series pumps are specially designed for marine and terminal operations where their self-priming and high suction capabilities allow them to clean tanks, ships and barges with little or no bead left. .

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