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Blackmer CRL Series Vane Pumps

Application: CO2

In response to specific requests from major CO2 distributors for a more durable pump, capable of handling higher working pressures on liquid CO2 service, Blackmer accepted the challenge of designing a pump that would meet or exceed the specifications of the distributors. Designed for maximum performance and reliability under the most severe service conditions.

The Blackmer CRLR1.25, CRL1.25 and CRL1.5 pumps, part of the Cavitation line, offer flow rates from 5 to 22 US gpm (19 to 83 L / min.) And are ideal for loop and low volume transfer applications. CRL models are designed to be mounted on a common baseplate.

Blackmer CRL2, CRL3 and CRL4 vane pumps are widely used for bulk transfer and recirculation applications including industrial and food systems, refrigeration, process plants, and transportation loading and unloading.

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